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American Museum of Ceramic Art

The American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMoCA), located in Pomona, California, promotes the ceramic arts, history, creation, and technology through the exhibitions, collections, public programs, and studio activities it provides.

Exposure to visual art, whether in the form of the work of professional artists, workshops, or gallery exhibitions, promotes mutual appreciation across cultures and yields novel insights that improve the quality of our day-to-day lives. We, the undersigned, are a group of visionaries committed to the arts, and we hold the belief that exposure to visual art has these positive effects.

The exhibitions and events held at AMOCA include a wide variety of topics, but they all have at least one connection to clay in some form or another. Our goal is to improve the cultural community’s comprehension of the aesthetic worth of clay as an art form and to assist the public in developing a deeper comprehension of the innovative processes that are involved in the production of ceramics. In addition to this, AMOCA provides serious clay artists with a venue to present their work and network with other people who have similar interests.

Because of its function as an instructional medium, pottery has proven to be one of the most reliable indicators of culture over time. Research into building, glazing, and firing procedures for ceramics indicates how these activities changed through time; the study of ceramic shape and design provides insight into the social expression of various times; and exhibitions of ancient items provide a glimpse into the past. Pottery from a variety of countries, the work of a single clay artist, examples of a particular ability, or the most recent technological advancements in the industry are just some of the topics that can be highlighted in a variety of exhibitions. Other topics that can be highlighted in exhibitions include examples of particular abilities and the most recent technological advances. Our repertory will consist of sculptural works, tile collections, and practical containers originating from a wide range of historical eras and geographical areas.

To teachers and students interested in the ceramic arts, some of the possibilities accessible include going to museums, participating in synchronous or asynchronous virtual experiences, and participating in mobile experiences at school sites. It is our sincere wish that you would come to appreciate the aesthetic value of ceramics along with us.

Both live events that may be attended in person or online and pre-recorded programs and activities that can be attended at the instructor’s leisure are provided by the AMOCA education team. Live events can be attended in person or online.

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