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The Huntley College of Agriculture at Cal Poly Pomona encourages students to “learn by doing” through the Farm Store and other student entrepreneurial projects, and they hire students from all over campus to work there. Students at Cal Poly Pomona have access to state-of-the-art facilities and greenhouses where they may learn about every stage of the food production process, from seed to table. Eventually, everything is sold in the Farm Store,asent off to distributors, or donated to food banks in the area. For currently available items, see the Cal Poly Pomona Grown webpage.

Spadra Farm at Cal Poly Pomona, CA, which encompasses over 10 acres, was officially designated as an organic farm in 2019. Using organic farming methods, students cultivate and harvest a variety of fruits and vegetables before delivering them to the on-campus Farm Store.

The annual March tomato plant sale is a mammoth undertaking that requires extensive planning and preparation. Landscaping is a tough field, but Olivia Miethke, a Landscape Architecture major, is ready for it. She is responsible for the upkeep and care of the greenhouse’s transplants and plants. A huge number of tomato plant varieties are cultivated specifically for this competition.

Danny Munoz, a graduate student, worked on studies that incorporated hydroponics, propagation, watering, and grafting. While his time spent preparing soil and growing media was where he gained the most practical knowledge, he most enjoyed assisting customers in finding the ideal plants for their needs.

A graduate student in CPP, Kelsey Swayze has worked with crops and managed social media accounts among her many academic experiences. She has taken on the role of Nursery/Greenhouse Coordinator while completing her master’s degree in Plant Science.

Joanne O’Sullivan and Andrew Esterson, two college students, found organic farming to be a tough yet gratifying experience. They cultivated an organic garden full of tomatoes, peas, beets, and several types of lettuce. Even the birds used for laying eggs were grown naturally.

The ghost pepper, also known as the bhut jolokia, is very fiery. Students working with them in the hydroponics greenhouse should be gentle. The ghost pepper, which is even more fiery than a habanero, immediately became the most popular item in the Farm Store.

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