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Innovation Brew Works

Located in Innovation Village on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona, Innovation Brew Works (IBW) is a café and brewery run by experts.

Cal Poly Pomona students, alums, staff, and the general public can use IBW as a hands-on brewery learning lab. In keeping with Cal Poly Pomona’s “learn by doing” ethos and the brewery’s official tagline, “Crafting an Education,” students get real-world experience in the brewery and in the restaurant. Merchandise such as t-shirts, pint glasses, and growlers that can be refilled can be purchased at the Innovation Brew Works.

A number of beers are available from Innovation Brew Works, and they are all given names of notable people from Pomona University or the city itself. Beers made by Innovation Brew Works all feature barley from Spadra Ranch, an off-campus tract of land used by the College of Agriculture at Cal Poly Pomona, located between Pomona Boulevard and Temple Avenue. Also, all of the oranges used in the brews are grown right there on the college grounds.

In contrast to most microbreweries, we also have a kitchen. In this restaurant, each customer can create their own personal pizza by picking their preferred toppings from a menu of sauces, cheeses, meats, and vegetables. Moreover, we have a selection of salads and freshly made sandwiches.

Our brewery’s spent grain (malt and adjuncts remaining after the mash has extracted most of the sugars, proteins, and minerals) is fed to the cows overseen by the College of Agriculture at Cal Poly Pomona. You can also find select dishes throughout the year that showcase seasonal produce grown right here on campus.

Beers brewed at Innovation Brew Works are available on tap and in bottles at upscale eateries all across the greater Claremont, Pomona, and La Verne districts. At Innovation Brew Works, students can get hands-on experience in the brewing industry while also learning the fundamentals. In keeping with Cal Poly Pomona’s “Learn by Doing” ethos and the brewery’s official slogan, “Crafting an Education,” students get real-world experience in the brewing and brewpub industries.

In addition to being a microbrewery and a cafe, Innovation Brew Works also functions as an educational lab where students may learn by doing. An authentic educational brewery-restaurant, it is the first of its kind to be available to the public on a college campus. Numerous notable honors have been bestowed upon Innovation Brew Works, and the company has been highlighted in over 300 domestic and international media outlets.

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