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Upland is located less than 4 miles from Pomona. The proper part of town sits at an elevation of 1,242 feet. The city has a total population of 73,733 persons as of the census taken in 2010, up from 68,397 in the year 2000; this figure was projected to rise to 79,045 by the year 2020. The 15th of May in 1906 marks the date that the territory that was initially known as “North Ontario” was incorporated. The highest point in the San Gabriel Mountains is directly behind where Upland is located. Within the Inland Empire, which is a metropolitan area to the east of the greater Los Angeles area, the suburb can be located.

Since its humble beginnings as an irrigation colony, which was the original purpose for which the brothers George and William Chaffey established Upland, the city has gone a long way. At one time, it was a tranquil agricultural village that flourished off of the cultivation of grapes and citrus fruits. At one time, Upland was linked to the Southern Pacific Railroad line in Ontario by means of a trolley line that across the expanse of Euclid Avenue in the middle, which was bordered with trees.

The trolley was drawn by a mule all the way from Ontario to Upland, and the mule rode down the hill on a trailer that was attached to the trolley. In the Upland of today, you can still find many of the city’s historic adobe and ranch-style homes, in addition to the tree-lined Euclid Avenue.

In the far northern part of the San Bernardino Valley is where you’ll find the city of Upland. The San Gabriel Mountains are located to the north of Upland. The terrain surrounding the city is very flat; however, there is a little rise to the north of the city where the buildings are located. Over a distance of 4.25 miles, the elevation of the city rises by 825 feet, moving from an elevation of 1,175 feet at the intersection of 7th Street and Euclid Avenue to an elevation of 2,000 feet at the intersection of 24th Street and Euclid Avenue. This increase in elevation occurs from south to north (northern city boundary). Mount San Antonio, also known as Mount Baldy in the local area, is the highest point in the San Gabriel Mountains and stands at a height of 10,064 feet. It is located approximately 9.5 miles north of the northern boundary of the Upland.

Upland is located in the state of California’s 25th Senate District, which is represented in the state legislature by Democrat Anthony Portantino, and in the state’s 41st Assembly District, which is represented in the state legislature by Democrat Chris Holden. The portion of Upland that is located to the north falls inside California’s 27th congressional district, which is currently represented in the United States House of Representatives by Democrat Judy Chu. Pete Aguilar, a Democrat, is the representative representing the state of California’s 31st congressional district, which includes the southern portion of Upland. 14th Street is the primary route taken by the boundary line that separates the two districts.

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